After 11 years, i am finally blogging again? what, why? Most people will just end up using medium, note or other blogging platform, but i am not “most people”.

i have a server running some “hobby projects” and it doesn’t have a front facing webpage, so i decided to become a necromacer and revive this ancient blog, i manage to revive some of the old (very outdated) articles from this site pior to the wordpress installation getting hacked (oh wordpress..). i got most of the old content from i am not able to restore comments, so i’ll just keep the articles.

My latest side project is a Unity Vr Project but in light of the new dumbass Unity runtime pricing fiasco, i decided to redo my entire project in Godot, we will se how it goes.

Unrelated updates

In the past 11 years of this site being dorman/down there’s a “new” site that pop up selling counterstrike skins “”, i have absolutely no relation with it, if you reached this blog by accident - you came to the wrong place lol

What’s next

I’ll slowly work on restoring this blog and start posting updates to my side projects here, maybe i should even start updating accompanied with youtube videos? since thats how most people consume info these days :/

Calvin the ancient hermit, signing off :P

(who’s actually reading this lol)