Roast Duck @The Apartment

Last week, my friends and me decided to have dinner at theCurve and chill at the apartment then go to laundry and then finally go to the library (err don’t take this literally click on the links before assuming anything).

At the apartment, I got some Roast duck for main course,  cappuccino for drink and chocolate cake for desert.

Rost Duck... quack quack?

Roast Duck with mash potato, peach and honey

Being me, i’ll always comment on the coffee first. Here’s my Rating ( see url bold denotes rating):

  • Micro-foamed milk… click Fail! they gave me Macro-foamed milk instead…
  • Sugar Cubes.. normally if they give me sugar cubes i would fail them but hey, its “home made” so Pass!
  • The blend, i have not yet reach the stage of identifying the brand and what blend is it but.. either the beans isn’t grounded enough or the coffee is pre grounded, it doesn’t have enough aroma.. i can’t blame them they are specialized in beers and alcoholic drinks not coffee.. русдосуг обход Barely Pass!
  • Presentation, i don’t call sprinkling cocoa on the cup “artistic”, there isn’t any presentation to begin with no latte art, no motif  just plain white foam with coca sprinkel.. FAIL!

Yea so.. the coffee is a fail and the food?

Desert… my tastebud got congested by honey-herb-nut sauce and i can taste nothing. according to my friends, its good. =P

Conclusion, i have been collectskin (oh yea this is how you use the word btw.) by the apartment… go to the apartment for your desert and alcoholic drinks and not for dinner.

Oh yea we didn’t manage to go laundry and the library because i have got honey tongue. We ended up at SYM and karaoked till 2am ~_~


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