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Openkore SVN

   Welcome, This page is dedicated for providing direct downloads of the latest SVN snapshot of OpenKore. Please note that this is the development version of OpenKore, If you found any bugs, please report it in our forums.

   The downloads here is also compatible with most SVN Softwares such as TortoiseSvn as the .svn directory is included in the archive. Therefore, you could just right click, update svn when ever there are changes made to the svn repository. For more information on how to use TortoiseSvn, visit the SVN Guide.

The SVN Snapshot was last updated on : .


File Name Description
openkore_ready.zip Complete OpenKore SVN.
This file includes everything you need to start using Openkore.
You might want to use FireFox or Free Download Manager to download this file as it might take a while if you are using a slow connection.
openkore.zip OpenKore's source code only, you may need to download the start.exe or wxstart.exe to run the source code.
confpack.zip Contains the default configuration files (a.k.a the control folder which contains config.txt)
tablepack.zip Contains the default table files.
fieldpack.zip Contains the default field files which is required for the bot to navigate trough maps.

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