Stuff to watch this Month!

enter Here is a list of tv series that might interest some of us.

В Кузбассе освобожден от должности глава УФСКН go to site TopGear is back! more “serious” car show!

click here As usual, they are being “serious”, crashing more Malaysian made cars and insulting people. I don’t usually watch car show but top gear is different, its not about cars; its about how 3 guys do strange things with cars =P Next, we have Eclip….urgh! i mean Купить Метамфетамин в Коркине High School of the Dead.

Why Twilight Eclipse? When you can have more dead people?

go here Brainzzz! I am guessing that this show will not end up in animax or cartoon network because of the amount of blood and flesh you see in this show (and boobs?). Anyway, its should be fun to watch, i have read the comic(yea i don’t use the word “manga”, i am typing in english so why need romanization?) and the story isn’t too bad… (i personally watch it for the zombies). In any case this is 10000% better than Vampires and Warewolfs trying to mingle with a girl (Ecl*caugh*caugh*ips)..

Купить скорость в питере ok, i am going to contradict what i said about romanization (just because it sounds stupid after translation) Лукоянов Seitokai Yakuindomo which means correct me if i am wrong… “the officers of student council”. Anyway this is filled with weird jokes and just good for laughter.

There are more that i want to post but they are all still in the first episode can’t write much there.. so i am recommending some documentaries here. National Geographic Engineering Connections hosted by Richard Hammond. Interestingly enough this is quite informative, it shows you how engineering marvel got designed by tracing the roots of the technologies it uses.

Richard Hammond explaining the functions of Taipei101 giant pandulum

National Geographic Engineering Connections

Бензальдегид незамещенный купить Mythbusters! not much to talk about here but more explosions! yea!

Pig: don't tase me bro!


Well that’s it.

May your skin be collected..